Anonymous asked:

is ur family supportive?

ogregender answered:

unfortunately no, i came out as ogregender and ogrekin and they laughed at me. they told me i was only human, that i could never be a “smelly ugly ogre.” 

i threw onions at them yelling “how dare you insult shrek, the one true god,” then they kicked me out for “religious blasphemy.”

jokes on them though, later that night i sneaked in and hid onions in the walls. the house won’t stop smelling like onions, even many months later. i have seen their lives fall apart because of the powerful onion gods.

anyway, i try not to think about their insulting words. i live on my own now, in a swamp of course. my hut smells like onions, much like shrek’s own hut.


this is going to sound really really mean

is otherkin like actually a thing like do people actually believe that or is it just a bunch of people in on a huge prank together???? 

It probably is a thing, but not the kind of thing the Otherkin believe it to be. It could be a form of identity disorder, or even a developed dysphoria (think fetish vs sexual orientation). I’m no psychologist, but there’s my thoughts anywayyy